Step 04: Connect

It’s My Future Toronto is about connecting your fresh ideas about the Toronto [T’karonto] to three different groups who have direct effect on your lives and that of your BIPOC communities:
1.     The City of Toronto Government through Policy,
2.     The Decision Makers through journalism editorials in the Globe and Mail, and
3.     The People through advertisements. 

In Step 04 CONNECT, learn how to share your ideas through policy, journalism editorials, or advertisement through How To Videos and workshops with professionals. 

EDIT your videos of the entire process of REPORT, IMAGINE, MAKE by watching this How To Edit video using the free version of Abobe Premier Rush

SUBMIT your final video via the secure email sent to your caretakers. Contact, if you have not received the email.

Select Connect Workshops

Choose a day for the three Connect workshops: Connect POLICY Wed, Oct 14 or Sat, Oct 17 Connect JOURNALISM Wed, Oct 28 or Sat, Oct 31 Connect ADVERTISING Wed, Nov 11 or Sat, Nov 14

Connect to Government: policy videos and workshops

WATCH the How To Make Policy videos from professional policy makers from all levels of Government

Connect to Decision Makers: journalism videos and workshops

WATCH the How To Report videos from professional journalists from the Globe and Mail. 

Connect to the People of Toronto: advertising videos and workshops

WATCH the How To Make Ads videos from professional creatives from Juliet and Sid Lee advertising agencies.

What happens after the workshops?

After the workshops, IMFTO will let you know when your ideas are (1) sent as a a set of policy recommendations for the City of Toronto, (2) published in the Globe and Mail, or (3) shared throughout the city in the advertising campaign. Regardless, your ideas will live on the It’s My Future Toronto website to connect to other youth who might have ideas to share, too.