Step 02: Imagine

You ever have ideas in your mind and you don’t know where they came from? They come from your imagination. Designers imagine problems and solutions and then draw lots ideas of how to make things better. More Indigenous, Black, and POC designers are designing for us and by us so that the world can better reflect our cultures. What do you imagine to be the problems and solutions that you, your family, your neighborhood, and community face?

In Step 02 IMAGINE, learn how to imagine problems and solutions by using drawing to show your ideas.

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  • How To Design E01: Why Design (for Us and By Us)?
  • How To Design E02: How to Imagine 

Now, DO your imagining of problems and solutions. 

You need something to draw with and something to draw on.

  • Grab something to draw with (pen, marker, pencil) and something to draw on (paper, cardboard, newspaper). 
  • Close eyes, if you can, and imagine some problems that you have. Open your eyes, if you can.
  • Meditate with Julien Lutz (pka Director X), if you need to calm down.
  • Draw out the problems that you imagined. 
  • Draw out solutions to one or two of those problems. 
  • Show and tell: Have someone record the story of your process of imagining and drawing. 

Meet the Design IMFTO Team

Dori Tunstall, OCAD U (co-lead)
Sabina Dron, Microsoft (co-lead)
Ian Kamau, OCAD U
Daniel Kwan, Microsoft