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    Your fresh ideas can also design policies that have impact on more people.

    WATCH the Learn Policy videos from policy makers at the local, Provincial Ontario, and Federal levels of government.

    • Learn Policy E01: What is policy?
    • Learn Policy E02: Imagining Change
    • Learn Policy E03: Amplify Your Voice

    Learn Policy, Episode 01

    View Learn Policy Episode 01: What is policy?
    Learn about the process of creating a policy. Meet BIPOC politicians who are making policies that benefit BIPOC communities, such as yours: Liin Nur, the Honorable Jean Augustine, and MPP Buhtila Karpoche.

    Learn Policy, Episode 02

    View Learn Policy Episode 02: Imagining Change
    Learn how you imagine change to create policies that positively affect BIPOC communities. Policy maker and OCAD University Professor, Dr. Kathy Moscue describes how through imagination you solve the five flavours of problems and thus positively impact a large number of people.

    Learn Policy, Episode 03

    View Learn Episode 03: Amplify Your Voice
    Learn how policy ideas reach more people through talking to family, friends, neighbours, classmates, social media networks, and anyone who will listen to you. Jacquie Shaw introduces you to more politicians who share the most impactful policies they made to support their communities: the Honorable Jean Augustine, MPP Buhtila Karpoche, activist Jackie Ndlovu, and politician Kerry-Anne Douglas-Powell.

    Meet the IMFTO Policy Team

    Liin Nur, OCAD U SFI
    Jerusha Richards, Ministry of Infrastructure 
    Kathy Moscou, OCAD U
    Pam Sethi, OCAD U SFI
    Jacquie Shaw, OCAD U SFI