Step 03: Make

Once you have a solution, sometimes words and drawings are not enough to truly share it with someone else. Sometimes you need to make a model, or prototype (meaning, first kind of thing). The prototype helps connect the design to others so that they can give you feedback. What they tell you can help make the next version of your design better. 

In Step 03 MAKE, learn how to make a model or prototype of one of your solutions to connect to others for feedback.

WATCH the How To Design videos from professional designers from OCAD University, Microsoft Minecraft, and around Canada. 

  • How To Design E03: How to Make
  • How To Design SpE: How to Make with Minecraft 
  • How To Design E04: How to Connect and Remake

Join (caretakers and youth) the workshop on Making with Minecraft on October 7, 2020 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

Link to the event is here. Password will be sent to registered participants.

Now, DO your own making of models and prototypes. 

You need something to build with, something to cut with, and something to put things together.

  • Grab something to build with (paper, cardboard, newspaper, foil, etc.), something to cut with (scissors), and something to hold stuff together (glue, staples, tape, etc.). 
  • Make your prototype
  • Show and tell: Have someone record your story of what you made.
    • What you have made? What do you call it?
    • What did you use to make it?
    • What does it do? What are two or three special things about it? 
    • How it is a solution to what problem you have?
    • Why is that problem important to you? 

Meet the Design IMFTO Team

Dori Tunstall, OCAD U (co-lead)
Sabina Dron, Microsoft (co-lead)
Ian Kamau, OCAD U
Daniel Kwan, Microsoft