An initiative for BIPOC Youth
designing Toronto’s future.

Deferred until winter 2023

IMFTO’s first cohort of 8-12 years old BIPOC youth focused on future solutions for COVID-19 and system racism. For 2023, IMFTO is adding the focus on biodiversity. The climate catastrophe is only getting worse, and it is your futures that are being affected.

This winter as an IMFTO youth, you will imagine, make, and connect fresh ideas about Toronto’s biodiverse futures through Design, Journalism, Policy, and Advertising workshops. Your ideas will be shown in a celebratory exhibit after the event..

To learn more, watch the Community and Caretaker Information IMFTO video (10 minutes).



Cities like Toronto are made by design. Thus, changing the city means that you have to design as well. The IMFTO Design workshop and How-To Design videos will show you how to design.


Journalists share news stories so that others can understand what is happening and take action to make things better. Learn how to tell news stories about what is happening in your community.


Your fresh ideas can also design policies that have impact on more people. Learn from policy makers at the local, Provincial Ontario, and Federal levels of government.


Advertising shares your big ideas with the entire city through posters, billboards, short videos, flyers, and other ways of getting out your message for change that benefits BIPOC communities.


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