It's My Future TO

Do you have ideas about what should be the future of Toronto [T’karonto]? Are you an 8-12 years old, Indigenous, Black, or Person of Color (POC) youth in the General Toronto Area [GTA]? If you answer yes to both of those questions, It’s My Future Toronto [IMFTO] is a project for you.

The City of Toronto is asking for fresh ideas on how the city can recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic and bring more justice to Indigenous, Black, and POC communities. As a BIPOC youth, your ideas are the freshest.

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Free to use illustrations by Brandon Mendoza

Slide TORONTO It’s My Future Toronto is a four-step process of REPORT, IMAGINE, MAKE, and CONNECT. From Sept 20th through November 15th, you learn from professionals how to share your ideas with the government through policy, city decision-makers through journalism, and everybody in the city through advertising.

Project 1 Step 01 REPORT LEARN how to tell stories about what is happening in your community by watching our How To Report videos from professional journalists from the Globe and Mail. Then, DO your own report and tell the stories important to you. GO TO REPORT Project 2 Step 02 IMAGINE (SEPT 28-OCT 4) LEARN how to imagine problems and solutions through drawing from professional designers from OCAD University and other guests. Then, DO your own drawings about the problems and solutions that you and your community face. GO TO IMAGINE Project 3 Step 03 MAKE (SEPT 28-OCT 4) LEARN how to choose a solution and make a model or prototype to share with others from professional designers. Then, DO your own prototype to share. GO TO MAKE Project 4 Step 04 CONNECT (OCT 5-NOV 15) LEARN how to put together the final video of your REPORT, IMAGINE, MAKE and CONNECT process to submit to this website from professional film directors. Choose to DO an online workshop with either professional policy makers, journalists, or advertising creatives. Through the workshops, your ideas will be connected to City of Toronto policy, a Globe and Mail editorial, or a city-wide advertising campaign. GO TO CONNECT 01 REPORT 02 IMAGINE 03 MAKE 04 CONNECT STEPS