Advertising Workshop

Advertising shares big ideas with the entire city through posters, billboards, short videos, flyers, and other ways of getting out your message for change that benefits BIPOC communities and the environment. Professional creatives from Sid Lee, Juliet, and OCAD University students, faculty, and staff will show you how to take your big idea and create an advertising campaign to raise awareness of Toronto’s Biodiverse Futures.

Youth will take their ideas from the IMFTO Design Workshop and create both an online and out of home advertising campaign to promote the IMFTO Biodiversity Design Exhibition at the ROM, opening on April 22, 2023.

The Advertising Workshops have two parts, which must be completed together. There is limited enrollment of 34 youth participants. Sign up is first come, first served.

Workshop Parts 1 & 2:
Feb 15, 2023

Mar 8, 2023

9:00am to 10:30am via Zoom link

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What is Advertising?

Learn about how advertising uses creativity to inspire action. It seeks to persuade its audience to stop and look, remember, and then to take action. What are the actions that you want to inspire in others?


Do ads represent the world around you?

Learn from the creatives at Sid Lee Creative Agency and Juliet Creative Agency why representation matters in advertising and how you can create ads that give BIPOC communities a sense of belonging.


Do the advertisements around you represent the people in the world you live in? More Indigenous, Black, and POC designers are getting involved in advertising so that so that the world can better reflect our diverse histories and cultures.


How to come up with the Big Idea

Learn from Sid Lee and Juliet how to come up with the Big Idea that solves a problem for a client. From discovering the problem to the roll out of the solution all over the world, follow the development of Sid Lee’s “We the North” campaign for the Toronto Raptors.

The Big Idea

The Big Idea is a solution to a problem. Coming up with a big idea first takes research into the client, the competition, and the audience the client seeks to reach. Then you figure out all the ways in which you can persuade people to take actions that solve the problem.

The Advertising IMFTO Team

Ariana Romano, Sid Lee
Natasa Kajganic, Juliet
Laurent Abesdris, Juliet
Mariam Alqasim, Juliet

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