IMFTO will help youth to design Toronto’s future through a series of how-to videos, workshops with professionals, and field trips.

Step 01:


All participating youth sign up for the Design Workshop.
Pre-workshop, you will be asked to watch the How-To-Design video series, and join on Jan 25, 2023 in the Biodiversity and Design workshops onsite at the ROM and OCAD University, with museum staff, design professors, and students.

Step 02:

Choose your track

Once you IMAGINE and MAKE your solution to Toronto’s biodiversity. You will select one of three workshop tracks to CONNECT your designs:

  • Journalism Workshop will show you How-To-Report on biodiversity (or its lack) in your communities. 
  • Policy Workshop will show you How-To-Make-Policy and share your ideas with the Toronto Youth Cabinet. 
  • Advertising Workshop will show you How-to-Advertise and create campaigns that build awareness for the need for biodiversity in Toronto.

Each track includes two workshops. These will take place on Feb 15, 2023 and Mar 8, 2023 in the classroom via a Zoom link.

Step 03:


All will lead to an IMFTO Biodiversity Design exhibition at the ROM to celebrate the youth’s amazing ideas.

The Workshops: