Journalism Workshop

What are the stories that you want to tell about yourself, your family, neighborhood, and community as it relates to Toronto’s biodiversity? Journalists share news stories so that others can understand what is happening and take action to make things better. Sometimes they don’t always report well on what is happening for Indigenous, Black, and POC communities. But you can share your news stories to change the world.

Professional journalists from The Globe and Mail and other media outlets, as well as Canadian journalism students, will take youth’s ideas from the IMFTO Design Workshop and help transform them into a news editorial for the Globe and Mail.

The Journalism Workshops have two parts, which must be completed together. There is limited enrollment of 34 youth participants. Sign up is first come, first served.

Workshop Parts 1 & 2:
Feb 15, 2023

Mar 8, 2023

9:00am to 10:30pm via Zoom link

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What is a news story?

Learn about the process of creating a news story and meet BIPOC journalists who are helping the media change the way it reports in BIPOC communities, such as yours.


How to write a story

Learn how you can write a story in words like a professional journalists. Explore the key differences between writing a news stories and other stories that you might write.


How to take photos

Learn the special ways in which journalists take photos to tell stories. Sometimes only using very few words. Also learn the do’s and don’ts of taking a good journalism photo and building up a photo essay.


How to take videos

Learn how to use video to tell stories about your communities. From video interviews to B-roll, lighting, angles, sound, and editing video can help you tell richer stories.


How to edit

Learn how to edit your writing, photos, and videos together to tell a story that connects people to the issues of your communities.

Meet the Globe and Mail IMFTO Team

Matt Frehner, Globe and Mail
Sean Humphery, Globe and Mail
Patrick Dell, Globe and Mail
Solana Cain, Globe and Mail
Gabe Gonda, Globe and Mail
Nana Aba Duncan, Carlton University

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